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Copy of The Two Gates


A novel




The president survives. But now he must face...

A raging blood feud...

Attorney General Robert Kennedy believes the Dallas shooting was because of the incompetence of Vice President Lyndon Johnson and is out to destroy him.


A growing war with the Chicago mob... 

Sam Giancana is threatening to derail Kennedy's 1964 election bid.

An opium trade run by the CIA...


And a growing crisis in Vietnam that threatens his presidency.

Coups and counter-coups have thrown U.S. policy into disarray. The Pentagon is pushing for a decision to dramatically escalate the war.



What will Kennedy do?



Enter Colonel Patrick O'Shea

President Kennedy's personal military advisor. Decorated Green Beret, fluent in Vietnamese. 


Kennedy turns to O'Shea to help him figure out what to do about Vietnam, and in doing so, he unleashes a torrent of threats against him...