Introducing my debut novel The Two Gates.

The Two Gates opens in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Three shots are fired at President John Kennedy's motorcade. The president is wounded, but it is Jackie Kennedy who is assassinated.


The Two Gates addresses one of history's biggest "what if" questions:

How would history have changed had Kennedy lived?


Follow the president as he grapples with the second chance that fate has given him. 

Vietnam is spiraling out of control. The president's brother wants revenge against Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The mob is threatening Kennedy's reelection in 1964. And the Pentagon is conspiring to push military escalation in Vietnam at all costs.


This question and more are answered in my debut novel,

The Two Gates

Coming out soon!

The Two Gates is a fascinating tale of what if — full of twists and turns!
— James Patterson, Author extraordinaire
Not only will you learn a lot about Vietnam, but you’ll be totally convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald killed more than just John Kennedy that day in Dallas.
— Daniel Silva

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