Coming soon: my new novel The Bug Hunter.

The Bug Hunter begins with a cryptic message sent via a highly-secure blockchain. 

“You have an appointment in Samarra.”

It's a parable with origins in ancient Babylonia, and it starts a high-tech bio-terror plot to destroy America.

It also changes everything for Gabriel Marx.

The year is 2026. Gabriel and his wife Claire had been living a quiet life in California’s Russian River Valley. A former Marine and trained viticulturist with a background in genomics, Gabriel has brought the latest in genetic engineering to Landmark Estates, helping the winery fend off insect-based threats to their vines exacerbated by climate change.

One day a stream of government-issued SUVs carrying Homeland Security Secretary Jason Witt shows up at the vineyard, and Gabriel is recruited to help uncover a terrorist attack using genetically altered insects to poison Americans by infecting American agriculture with deadly toxins. Paired with Department of Homeland Security Agent Lee Jensen, Gabriel is drawn into a plot with links to ISIS and Chechen terrorists, and soon uncovers an even bigger plan to kill millions of Americans with a deadly virus.

Merging cutting-edge synthetic biology and geopolitical conflict, and with clues from ancient Babylonian writings, THE BUG HUNTER is a thriller and cautionary tale of how advances in technology can be used to turn nature itself into a devastating weapon.

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