Praise for THE TWO GATES

“So excited to see this book published. A rip-roaring alternative history adventure that re-imagines the heart of the Vietnam War.”

— Eliot Peper, author of Cumulus, Bandwidth, Borderless & Breach

“This excellent novel, gives an alternative history of the events that took place after Dallas and puts forward the scenario that the USA didn't get involved in a protracted war in Vietnam. I really enjoyed the novel and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in that era.”

— Brian Kitchen, author of Divided Empire & Dark Portrayal

“Five Stars! The great strength of Ken Davenport’s writing is his ability to get under the skin of real people and show them as human, not just chess-pieces to be moved to suit his plot. I found The Two Gates intensely gripping, and I recommend it unreservedly to readers all over the world.”

— Sarah Stuart review for Reader’s Favorite

“Fascinating alternative history looks at our Vietnam policy had Kennedy not been assassinated. Davenport nails a cast that includes the Ambassador to Vietnam, McNamara, Kennedy, half the State Department, Frank Sinatra, and Sam Giancana. The pace is swift, the dialogue rings true. In the tradition of Tom Clancy. Very hard to put down.”

— Mike Baron, author of Biker Bad Road Rising and Disco: A Novel

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"Killer, killer techno-thriller! You will be riveted from the first page to the last!"

Mike Baron, author of Disco and Star Wars, the Thrawn Trilogy

"A gripping biotech thriller! It will suck you in and leave you scanning the headlines for real world corollaries."

— Eliot Peper, author of Cumulus, BandwidthBorderless and Breach.

“This second novel has well developed and characters that are easily related to, a fast moving plot and lots of technical details you can geek out on. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in just two sessions.”

— S.R. Simmons




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